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The Writers 2008

Mihkel Kaevats   -   Estonia   yec
Mihkel Kaevats was born in Tallinn, Estonia in 1983. He studied semiotics and cultural studies at Tartu University and spent some time in Bari, Italy and Voronezh, Russia. So far, he has published two volumes of poetry: Ederlezi (2003) and Illusionist (2004). Since 2004 he has been active not only as a poet, but as a literary critic and essayist. His poems have been translated into several languages, including English, French, Spanish, Russian, Macedonian, Polish and German.

Narmin Kamal   -   Azerbaijan   yec
Narmin Kamal was born in Baku, Azerbaijan in 1981. She studied philosophy at the state university in Baku and in 2007 she earned a PhD in the history of philosophy. She is one of the founders of the Alatoran movement, the Foundation of Independent Writers, in contemporary Azerbaijani literature. Along with journalistic writing about social changes as well as numerous poems, she published her first volume of poetry in 2003. She published her first novel, Times Roman Az Lat, in 2006. Nermin Kamal also translates academic texts and important works into Azeri, including works by Jacques Derrida, Michele Foucault and Umberto Eco. These were the first translations of these authors into Azeri. Part of the cultural program for the Year of Azerbaijan in Germany 2008.

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Ursula Knoll   -   Austria   yec
Ursula Knoll was born in Vienna in 1981. She studied German, Jewish studies and romance studies in Vienna and Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. As an author she took part in the intercultural playwright project Wiener Wortstätten during the 2007/08 season. She has participated in other theatre workshops such as those at the Vienna Burgtheater, New Plays for Europe in Wiesbaden and Drama X Wien. Ursula Knoll has written several plays: im eiskasten (2004), offenbarung 12,1 (2005), ztterschwestern ahoi! (2006), welt der nutzlosen (2006). She is currently working in adult education as a teacher of German as a foreign language, and on her dissertation, “Gendered Shoah – Geschlecht, Narration, Erinnerung“ (Gendered Shoah – gender, narration, memory).

Agnar Lirhus   -   Norway   yec
Agnar Lirhus was born in Moss, Norway in 1978. After studying at the Norwegian music academy and comparative literature at the University of Oslo, he enrolled in a creative writing program at Telemark University College. His first novel, Skogen er grønn (The Woods are Green) was written during this period and was published in 2005 by Oktober. The following year saw the publication of his second novel, Til Øya (On the Island). He is currently working as a screenwriter.

Annelies Verbeke   -   Belgium   yec
Annelies Verbeke was born in Dendermonde, Belgium in 1976. After studying literature at the University of Ghent, she began writing screenplays. Her debut novel Slaap! (Sleep!) from 2003 has been translated into 14 languages and has sold over 70,000 copies. In 2007 she received Belgium’s most important literary prize, the Longlist Gouden Uil, for a collection of short stories, Groener Gras (Greener Grass). Along with novels and short stories, she also writes equally successful screenplays. The film Romance has won awards at film festivals in Spain, Poland and Germany.

Jacub Zulczyk   -   Poland   yec
Jacub Żulczyk was born in 1983. After studying journalism, he earned a degree in American cultural studies. His debut novel Zrób mi jakąś krzywdę (Hurt Me Somehow) was published in 2006 and will soon be made into a film. The novel, a post-modern love story cinematic in its quick succession of images, was enthusiastically received by critics. He began writing for several publications, including Playboy and Dziennik, and now has a regular column in the lifestyle magazine Exklusiv. Labelled as a “teen-writer” in Poland, he has never won a literary prize and “has absolutely no problem with that”. In 2008 he published his second novel, Radio Armageddon, a 500-page opus about the rise and fall of a rock band of the same name. He is currently writing a screenplay.

Ljubko Deresch   -   Ukraine   yec

Ariel Kenig   -   Frankreich   yec

Daniel Mursa   -   Deutschland   yec

Max Ščur   -   Belarus   yec

Jasmina Topic   -   Serbien   yec

Gan Turaly   -   Aserbaidschan   yec

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